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Discover - Fine House Garden Structurs for Shade



In our exploration of shade options this week many of the inspiration we showed you required a structure from which to hang or grow shade.  We decided to revisit a past Discover post about  FineHouse, an option for out-of-the-box garden structures. 

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Design 101 - Grow Some Shade

Desire to Inspire Garden Shade at Home Infatuation BlogDesire to Inspire

This is a long-term shade option but if you have the time and the patience, live shade creates a very romantic setting that will change with the seasons.

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Design 101 - Bamboo Shade

Simon Upton

We've all seen them, those rolls of bamboo screen at the hardware and box stores.  I don't know about you, but I am immediately attracted to them but then think what on earth do I do with these?  What I know I don't want is to replicate that look of weathered and sagging bamboo screens on fence rows that I see often in backyards.  These images are great inspiration for using these rolls of bamboo screens in a very elegant way.

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Design 101 - Cloth Shade


Using high tech breathable, fade resistant and UV blocking fabrics you can create shade in your outdoor space that is a soft and supple focal point.

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Armchair Traveler - Luxury Hotel Shade

When we think of shade in our outdoor living space we most often think of patio umbrellas.  There are a number of shade solutions other than umbrellas and we will be exploring those options this week.  To start the week off, some alternate shade solutions from luxury hotels around the world.

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Design 101 - Fall Color Palette in Tan and Blue


Design 101 - Fall Color Palette in Yellow

Sweet Blue Fall Color Palette in YellowSweet Blue Photography via Etsy Lisa Romerein Luxury Outdoor Space Fall Color Palette in Yellow at Home Infatuation BlogLisa Romerein, Photographer
Sweet Blue Photography via Etsy Lisa Romerein, Photographer


Nature and the seasons provide never-ending design inspiration.  At the change of the seasons I'm reminded once again at the awe inspiring show.  The fall colors are just starting to come on here in the Midwest so I've been consumed with the changing palette. This week a look at nature's fall color palette translated into outdoor designs.


Get The Look - Showcase Your Planters

Photo Inspiration - Art Luna Garden

Art Luna captured the essence of the Southern California Mediterranean style beautifully in this outdoor space.  The restrained use of a few attention grabbing planter designs puts them at center stage in the space.  Art's choice of show-stopper succulents makes it near impossible to ignore the planters.

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Get The Look - Luxury Hotel Daybeds

Photo Inspiration - Mirage Hotel and Casino

I am particularly fond of the look of pairing square ottomans and side tables with daybeds.  The ottomans provide extra seating around the daybed and if you add a tray to the ottoman it becomes an additional side table.  Same concept holds true with the side tables.  If the frame is sturdy enough, the side table could stand-in as additional seating around the daybed.  Square side tables and ottomans are the perfect accent to a daybed because they don't overwhelm the daybed or your floor space.  The Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas created a nice example of this type of daybed grouping and I sourced the product you will need to Get The Look.

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Discover - What's New Under the Shade

Hampton Cottages and Gardens Idea House 2008

Be it rooftop, balcony, patio or lawn the desire to utilize every inch of outdoor living space has resulted in a rush of innovative shading options of every size and shape to fill the need.

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