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Design 101 - Contemporary Country Enclosed Porch


Design 101 - Contemporary Twist on a Classic Enclosed Porch

David Scott Contemporary Twist on a Classic Enclosed Porch at Home Infatuation BlogDavid Scott Interiors


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Design 101 - Classic Wicker Enclosed Porch


Design 101 - Eclectic Enclosed Porch

Coastal Living Eclectic Enclosed Porch at Home Infatuation BlogCoastal Living via Decor Pad

We've spent an entire week on porches before as they are such a special space.  Enclose a porch and it becomes even more magical in my opinion.  I'm not sure I can put my finger on why that is but whatever it may be they would be a lovely and comfortable place to watch fall unfold.

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Design 101 - The Loggia

Luxist Unique Outdoor Spaces the Loggia at Home Infatuation BlogLuxist

Here in the Northern Hemisphere we are in the midst of the shorter and cooler days of fall.  We are transitioning into winter but we aren't quite there yet.  We are graced with a smattering of sunny warm days and cool nights and that can make it hard to retire your outdoor space for the season. My hesitation to pack up my outdoor space got me thinking about the need for transitional outdoor spaces that allow you to transition comfortably outdoors from fall to winter and winter to spring.  This week I'll be spending time in the loggia, enclosed porch and covered terrace.

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Design 101 - Graphic Black


Design 101 - Contemporary Black


Design 101 - Cheery Black


Design 101 - Inspired by Halloween Black

Martha Stewart Halloween Black at Home Infatuation BlogMartha Stewart Halloween Decorating

Halloween is next week so everywhere I look there are Halloween decorations. From fall inspired to slasher movie gore, Halloween decorations come in a variety of design styles.  One consistent design element is the color black and seeing it constantly for the last few weeks reminds me how much I like this accent color.  This week I was inspired to go out and find a variety of design styles that beautifully use black as the color focal point.

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Design 101 - Moody Design Style 4

Wendi Young Design Moody Luxury Outdoor Space at Home Infatuation BlogWendi Young Design