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Design 101 - Bright and Bold Molded Plastic Furniture

Desire to Inspire Luxury Molded Plastic Furniture at Home Infatuation BlogDesire to Inspire

Molded plastic furniture not only comes in wonderful shapes but it also comes in great bright solid colors.

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Inspiration Board - All White Outdoor Spaces

There is a lot of information out there about how to bravely use color.  I think one of the most courageous design decisions you can make however is to decorate with no color at all and use an all-white palette.  Done wrong and it look like you have no sense of design.  Done right and the space is clean, crisp, serene and the mark of a sophisticated designer.  This week we will spend some time admiring some all white outdoor spaces done right.

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Design 101 - Simple String Light Swag

Urban Jobe Architecture Luxury Outdoor String Lights at Home Infatuation Blog Urban Jobe Architecture via Houzz

In some cases a simple swag of string lights is all you need to create some lighting drama in your outdoor space.  This will provide a little bit of light and is perfect when you only have two attachment points from which to string your lights.

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Design 101 - String Lights In Small Spaces

Home Depot on Pinterest

If you have small courtyard outdoor space, you have it easy when it comes to adding string lights.  With Wall on two, three or four sides you have a very easy attachment point to string lights to and from.

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Design 101 - Black Umbrellas

Material Girls Luxury Black Patio Umbrellas at Home Infatuation BlogMaterial Girls

What comes to my mind first when I think of patio umbrellas is stripes and bright colors.  When I came across these pictures of outdoor spaces with black patio umbrellas I realized I had been close-minded.  Any other color but black in these elegant spaces would work.

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Inspiration Board - Orbs Outdoor Decor

As I've been perusing my image files for posts I noticed that many designers include an orb or collection of orbs as outdoor decor in their designs.  I like the focal point and the softness that the orbs provide for a space.

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Design 101 - Romantic Outdoor Curtains

Style Me Pretty Romantic Outdoor CurtainsOzzy Garcia via Style Me Pretty

Aside from the shade and privacy benefits outdoor curtains can also set the tone of your outdoor design.  Wispy outdoor sheers can lend a romantic and slightly ethereal look to your outdoor space.

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Get The Look - Romantic Metal Furniture

Photo Inspiration - Material Girls

Get the look of this romantic outdoor dining room.

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Design 101 - Contemporary Metal Furniture

Ramon Esteve Contemporary Metal Outdoor Furniture at Home Infatuation BlogRamon Esteve - Estudio de Arquitectura

Contemporary metal furniture is a large category that encompasses designs borrowed from the modern masters, mid century throw-backs and current designs.  Contemporary metal furniture is the perfect fit for modern or vintage spaces.  If you like mixing and matching eras, you can artfully pair contemporary metal furniture with contrary design periods.

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Discover - Color Resource

Kate Smith Sensational Color at Home Infatuation Blog

If you want to know more about color, an in-depth resource is Kate Smith's Sensational Color website.  Kate Smith has contributed to the blog several times and if you didn't catch her posts you should and if you did, they are worth a second look.

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