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Inspiration Board - Ceramic Furniture

Inspiration Board Ceramic Outdoor Garden Stools at Home Infatuation Blog

We had been following the trend of ceramic stools and side tables creeping from interior spaces into outdoor spaces.  When we headed to the Casual Living show last summer we expected to find evidence of the growing outdoor trend but we didn't see the traditional ceramic garden stools that we expected to see.

We were pleasantly surprised to see that the industry had taken the design concept one step further.  Furniture designers were departing from the look of the traditional Asian ceramics and moving it into the 21st century.  We saw ceramic dining tables and chairs, coffee and side tables with contemporary shapes and colors that hint at the Chinese ceramic garden stool that inspired them but are clearly headed off in a new design direction.

This week we will be posting about ceramic garden furniture from its roots through to today's new look and how to design with it in your outdoor space.  To kick things off this week some inspiration from traditional ceramic garden stools.

Wendi Young Ceramic Garden Stools at Home Infatuation Blog Wendi Young Design
via Desire to Inspire
Ara Design Studio Ceramic Garden Stools at Home Infatuation Blog Ara Design Studio
Art Luna Garden
Wendi Young via Desire to Inspire Ceramic Garden Stools at Home Infatuation Blog Wendi Young Design
via Desire to Inspire

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